Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous October 2004

Voluptuous October 2004

Inesse still says that when a man doesn't pay any attention to her, she gets more intrigued than if he was being attentive. Can someone please explain this weirdo female phenomenon? It's ridiculous for guys to play hard-to-get. Opportunities may only come once and if a guy doesn't make a move on a chick, he may never get the chance again or someone else could step in. Anyway, we just photograph chicks. We never claimed we understood how their behavioral processes functioned. This is Inesse's second V-cover and her sixth pictorial as a Voluptuary. Three years have flown by since she first sent in her at-home submission photos in late 2001. Today, her "new look" and bigger, juicier hooters inspires even more major drooling' and jackin'. But modeling is still a fling-thing for Inesse. She has a regular 9-5 job in a business totally unrelated to boobs, bras and bare skin.
Featuring: Inesse
Duration: 40
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