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Score September 2005

Cudna wouldna sprawled out on that bathroom floor if she wasn't feeling devilish for this voyeuristically inclined photo session. One of the prettiest girls to ever pose in SCORE, Ines turned 21 this year. Now she's totally legal in every way. She can walk into any club or bar, although she'll still get hit on for identification. Ines is a true rarity these days. There isn't a single tattoo anywhere on her body, not even those barbed wire ankle bands or Chinese take-out symbols. She has no pierced-on body jewelry (and that even includes earrings). Most of the time, even Ines' make-up is very subtle. But despite all the understated qualities, Ines is one of the most outstanding girls of this SCORE decade. Thank God for Poland.
Featuring: Ines Cudna
Duration: 38

Member Comments

2 years ago 
The wonderful thing about Ines is that she exudes an air of naturalness like no other Score model. Ines is the dictionary definition of 'Perfection".
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