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Score September 2004

Ida is 25 years-old, born June 30, 1969. She's 5'6", 128 lbs., measures 40-24-36 and lives right outside Copenhagen, Denmark. It's rare when SCORE finds a Dane with such big natural tits. SCORE: With big breasts like you have, what position in bed do you sleep in? Ida: Any position. My breasts are natural so I can sleep on my stomach or on my side. It's not a problem. SCORE: What is the most sensitive part of your breasts? Ida: The outer part of my nipples is the most sensitive. SCORE: Do men in general ask you questions about your breasts? Ida: Not in general. They look without saying anything. That is until they start making fun of my breasts.
Featuring: Ida
Duration: 90

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4 months ago 
nice face and rack
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