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East Meets West Part 2

The first bedroom date of Hitomi and Lily Madison was only a warm-up for this second fetish-style pairing. East meets west for a breast fest. It's Lily who's the whispery mistress and Hitomi the slave. They're both slaves to their mutual lust for each other. Her legs clad in shiny black PVC boots and holding a pink punisher resembling a femme version of a cat o' nine tails, Lily calls the shots and compliant Hitomi doesn't resist for a second. Lily has her on a leash as another reminder of who the boss is. Getting her big tits and little butt whipped makes Hitomi moan and cry out and Lily enjoys every second of their pain and pleasure game, knowing she is Hitomi's owner. Each girl had to travel a long distance from home for this kinky, little game and they make every second count. .
Featuring: Hitomi and Lily Madison
Date: June 30th, 2016
Duration: 85

Member Comments

7 months ago 
East meeting East ! Far East & European East ! As many parts as possible with HITOMI meeting VANESSA Y. !!!! for a naughty lesbian S&M encounter, both of these two goddesses .. dominating each other and being spanked and dominated by each other! omg!
Vanessa knows well ! and so does Hitomi ..
What an EPIC all-natural busty heaven that would be ..
Please make it happen one (unforgettable!) day or maybe another "On Location" Special with some more natural busty guests..
1 year ago 
I do not understand why cameraman since he has those stunning models in front of him, he does not put them fully nude standing straight next to each other with arms down boobs just hanging free and low, and then he can take at least 1 FRONTAL VIEW OF THOSE INCREDIBLY HUGE LONG AND HEAVY BOOBS that kind of rare FULL BODY SHOT that is not priority to him.
This photo set is an example of how cameraman does not have a priority of recording the FULL BODY ON CAMERA. You can find on this set and in almost all sets the same technique we are given tons and tons of a wide variety of camera angles and positions, do not get me wrong they are super beautiful and needed but when they are a vast majority not leaving space for at least 1 FULL BODY FRONTAL SHOT FULLY NUDE OR HALF NUDE WITH ARMS DOWN NO COVERING THE BOOBS then is when is sad, close ups are majority, cropped sections of the body are always captured, poses like she is laying down is very common, seated also common, every pose you name it, but cameraman always forget the ONLY IMAGE THAT CAN SHOW HER FULL BEAUTY, A TRUE FULL BODY SHOT NUDE FULLY STANDING STRAIGHT ARMS DOWN, NO BENDING, BOOBS HANGING FREE, there is a serious lack of full body shots, so sad another great opportunity to capture those images from this stunning model has passed and we got only 1 pic no more. I hope someday cameraman can give us the front, side, and back of every model....
1 year ago 
Hi Big Pete, I just found out rom Katie that Dolly is quite tall...well much taller than Hitomi and me xxx

Might get a sore neck hehehe x
1 year ago 
Tigerr, how about all of you in a room with toys and baby oil....? I'm sure us lads would love it!!!
1 year ago 
Dolly Fox....yummy!

Also, my girlfriend Katie Thornton xxx
1 year ago 
East meets West...hehe that's hot.

Tigerr xxx
1 year ago 
I love girl on girl photos and videos. I would like to see Hitomi with other Japanese models. There are many Asian models like Anri Okita and Anri Sugihara. I don't care about Hitomi having sex with men.
1 year ago 
Holy shit!!! These girls belong together!! Can you not do an east meets west every month as a running theme!? With maybe different scinarios?
1 year ago 
Two of my favorite current Score models going at it, with every guy on this site wishing he could join!!!
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