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The Miracle of Hitomi

B.W.B. of Ft. Dodge, Iowa is a Hitomi fan. "I'd like to commend you and your great staff on producing the greatest DVD ever, Bad Girl Hitomi. This is the hottest cock-hardening video I own." Don't thank us, B.W.B. Thank Hitomi. It's all her. We just turn on the camera and Hitomi gets down with it. If anyone was meant to shed her undies for the big-boob lovers of the world, Hitomi's the one. She's a sweetheart too with a fun-loving personality.
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: June 9th, 2016
Duration: 50

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Awe, she will only continue to get more amazing and I hope you continues to share herself with us till my last breath. All my fav's have "IT" and it does not matter that she can't show her cookies, her face alone brings me unbridled joy and ecstasy. The best asian beauty. PERIOD!!
1 year ago 
I agree Big Pete !!
Let s raise enough money to get Hitomi to show her pussy open wide in video and pictorials !! Uncensored !!!!! And then some real hardcore XXX, the way she s been doing it in Japan for years ..
Whatever it takes SG and let s go for it !!
2 years ago 
Big titted Asian chicks rock!
2 years ago 
Hitomi is amazing!!!! I've never wanted to see anyones pussy so much in my life!! I've watched her censored hardcore stuff an it still leaves me wanting more of the girl. How can we get her to show her pussy?? How much money will it take an can us fans set up a collection. Give us a figure an let's raise the money between us and score group! Is anyone with me on this????
2 years ago 
There should be a law that Hitomi has a new picture or video set once a week. Goddesses are jealous of her.
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