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Bullet Bra Babe

Hitomi's claim to fame is her phenomenal natural bust. Overlooked and almost never mentioned or praised are her sexy, shapely legs. That situation is straightened out, like our cocks will be, with this tribute to Hitomi's legs, encased in fully-fashioned nylons and skyscraper shoes. The editor of Leg Sex magazine loved her look so much, the pictorial was published in the Summer 2014 edition (Volume 18 Number 2). It's a very different style for Hitomi. To complete the vintage '50s look, Hitomi's donned a tight top and skirt that would have fit into an early episode of TV's Mad Men. Her big boobs jut out like missiles because of the supportive bullet bra Hitomi wore. This bra's different because holes have been cut into the tips. If Hitomi worked in an office and dressed like this, no work would ever get done.
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: May 13th, 2014
Duration: 75

Member Comments

3 years ago 
It's nice to see a few booty photos of Hitomi along with those of her remarkable chest But I don't blame Scoreland's staff for not showing more of her bottom... They're probably as transfixed by her breasts as we members are.
3 years ago 
This photo-set of Hitomi nearly cost my job. I called in sick and beat my cock all day, whoa I really drained my nut sack to Hitomi.
4 years ago 
Love the Photo's, Hitomi was in them she Looked smoking hot in them.
4 years ago 
Always sexy! I love those massive tits on that petite figure!
4 years ago 
Hitomi looks great in anything she wears. I like the stockings and the words "love me".Of course I love you Hitomi. The holes on her bra makes her nipples look yummy. The last three pictures are my favorites because she's showing her brown eye. I also like the pictures of her cute booty with the panties and just the stockings and shoes. Thanks scoreland and more Hitomi please!
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