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At Home With Heather Hooters

One of the fantastic SCORE favs throughout the '90s, Heather recently appeared on the Jenny Jones Show with none other than Brittany Andrews. The fruits of her labors have paid off for this hardworking dancer, your tip dollars at work. She has a three bedroom, two bath main house on 80 acres in Central Michigan and also has a log cabin on the property. This one room cabin serves as a guest house and was built by the previous owner of the property. It was constructed by hand to Civil War-era specs. Photographer James Hamilton, who shot this set, says, "Ya gotta love a gorgeous woman with big tits who walks outside, puts on a tool belt, and goes to work." He also noted it was 10 degrees outside when he took these pics of Heather. That didn't stop her from showing her tits amidst the snowy splendor. We'd like to thank Heather for letting SCORE portray this unknown side of her life, exclusively for our readers. Who do you guys want to visit next At Home? Send us your wish list and we'll try to see if they are as gracious as Heather Hooters. .
Featuring: Heather Hooters
Duration: 20

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Oh, how I'd love to be "stuck" in a cabin with her for the winter! And I agree, #15 will take your breath away.
3 years ago 
I never wanted to be a small dog as much as I do looking at that last picture. And 15 makes me melt...what a beautiful woman! Oh, how I'd love to share a home with her.
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