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MILF of the Month

Featuring Heather Barron
Date August 30th, 2016
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MILF of the Month Heather Barron has four kids. She takes on two studs in this double-penetration threesome and drains them dry. She's a sexual superwoman and a true porn star. "I'm divorced and horny," Heather told TSG editor Dave. "I love to fuck." Originally from New Jersey and a Las Vegas resident now, Heather is a realtor. She says she enjoys "exotic dancing, pedicures, shopping, and the feel of a man's warm cum running down my leg." That's quite a diverse list. "I was a virgin when I got married. At 29 I got a divorce and I went wild. I knew nothing at that point and had never had a guy go down on me until I was 29. After my divorce, I was with a lot of men and learned a lot about sex and what I like." Now 45-year-old Heather teaches younger guys all about sex and, boy, is she fully qualified.

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