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October 2003 Score

Our friends Dick & Jane, a couple who visit clubs in New York when there's a popular busty feature dancing write: "The October issue is out and our very own Harmony Bliss has a great layout. What a face! Again, we are biased, but Harmony is gorgeous with unbelievable eyes." Thanks for the props, D&J. SCORE: How do you like to masturbate? Harmony Bliss: I like masturbating in the bathtub. Sometimes I squat under the running water from the faucet, or I use the handheld showerhead. It has several different settings, each of which offers a different kind of sensation. SCORE: Do you fantasize when you masturbate? What about? Any special person? Harmony Bliss: Sometimes I might fantasize about my lover when he's not with me. We might be having sex in a public place, the beach, under the boardwalk, on a plane, in the bathroom at a party. I might fantasize about a really hot celebrity I like, or a good-looking musician that I just saw at a local club. SCORE: Do you ever look at videos or magazines when you masturbate? Harmony Bliss: I used to watch videos, but lately they are just too extreme and graphic, there's no beauty, sensuality or eroticism in most of the videos you find at the local video store. Sometimes I might masturbate after looking at a particularly erotic magazine spread of a beautiful woman, even one of myself that I am especially pleased with, might put me into the mood.
Featuring: Harmony Bliss
Duration: 30
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