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Score December 2006

"I am usually attracted to guys who know what they want and are direct about it without being rude and rough," says the elusive Hannah, who's back to being brunette lately. "I like a professional man who enjoys an active life and has definite goals, who knows where he's going. Dating metro-sexuals..well, I think most girls really don't want to date guys who spend more time in the bathroom than they do! Lads who are GQ'ed out are usually more into themselves than they are into me. Confidence can be sexy to me, but there is also something about a good-looking nerdy guy that can be sexy. My greatest annoyance is being talked down to. I think most people think models are stupid and shallow. They have this attitude this way without even meeting them. It's a stereotype from newspapers and the telly. People think we'll all greedy bimbos just into partying. I'm more likely to stay home and spend a quiet evening, going to bed early than run around clubbing every single night of the week." .
Featuring: Hannah Callow
Duration: 40
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