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Hoisting A Pair

Featuring: Gya
Date: July 15th, 2012
Photos: 86
Gya Roberts looked like she'd be killer wearing a traditional European bar maid dress. In Germany, it's called a "dirndl." What do you think now that she's wearing it here? Looks hot on her? Is she born to wear one and hoist a few steins of Pilsner? We think so. Now about that nipple sucking talent Gya has. "I have a fetish for sucking my nipples, actually," Gya explained. And how did that start? "It began when I started masturbating on cam. I would touch my breasts and one day I realized that my nipples were very sensitive. So, since they were so big, I started licking my nipples while I touched myself and I found that I could cum faster when I did that, so I began sucking them while I masturbated and now it is one of my biggest fetishes. I love having my nipples sucked on for hours! It feels very good. If there is no one to do it for me, I will suck on them myself." We'll drink a beer to that. Here's to Gya!

What Members are saying about this update...

April 02, 2016
Gya is everything that's beautiful about women. I love her.
January 06, 2016
Love her ass. I want to eat it!
March 01, 2015
AMAZING titties, round ass and the best looking pussy on the website.
November 26, 2014
I like your big tits and your hairy pussy
August 26, 2012
Gya just oozes sex appeal & I really luv her playful personality, gorgeous face & all those sexy curves. Especially when she's in tight outfits like this one!
August 20, 2012
Finally, a model with a nice hairy bush. Let this woman be an example to the other models.
July 23, 2012
For me, this is without question, head and shoulders above all others, the BEST solo photo set EVER in the history of TSG. It has the best theme, best costume, best choice of model to match the theme and costume, best photography and editing, and best surprise reveal, Gya's magnificent bush! My favorite shots are 28 - 32 which show Gya's mouth watering thighs peeking out from beneath her skirt, leading up to the first hint of bush. I almost lost it there. The icing on the cake was photo 77, for obvious reasons. Gya is just an incredibly sexy woman. I doubt you will ever top this set, but even if you come close, it will be worth waiting for.
July 16, 2012
Wow, Gya has a bush! Fortunately, Gya can do anything..
July 16, 2012
She is so sexy. Love the hairy pussy too!

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