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Too Hot To Handle

Featuring Gwen Etoile
Date September 9th, 2008
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"I have lived all of my fantasies out," says Gwen Etoile, a hyper-sexual bra-buster with a gusto for living to the max. "I have fulfilled them all." She says licking balls and ass is her favorite thing to do and says she goes for guys with big cocks. She likes to suck pussies too but cocks get first preference. Gwen works in an office but that's just a job. Her main pre-occupation is having fun. She loves to play dress-up doll and since she names 1950s glam-model Bettie Page and Bette Midler as her favorite femme icons, you can see where she's going in her choices in make-up, hair, underwear, clothes and heels. "When I first meet a guy, I like imagine what his 'cum' face will look like," Gwen says. "I like blind dates. I like the anticipation before meeting my date. I once picked up two guys while waiting for my blind date�who was late--and fucked them instead.