Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous April 2006

Voluptuous April 2006

The funniest pick-up line Fiona ever heard was "Grab your coat, love. You've been pulled." That's kind of low on the hilarity scale but it does show confidence. Northhampton dish Fiona keeps a low profile these days and doesn't have the opportunity to get those lines zinged at her. She's a true homebody. ("Homebody" is a good term for her. You want her kind of body waiting for you at your home.) There are some excellent fuck-me poses here that combine foot fancy. Breast-men who enjoy traditional stockings minus the shoes will discover an added measure of pleasure. This is a departure from her usual, breast-oriented poses. It's also the first time that Fiona has ever inserted a B.O.B into her pussy, so here is an event to never forget. .
Featuring: Fiona Steels
Duration: 31
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