Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous February 2007

Voluptuous February 2007

Fiona, a Yorkshire local, maintains a low profile these days and is a true homebody. So V-Men are always happy to see more photos of her. She has one of the finest V-Racks and a pair of the fullest milk cannons to ever blow-out a brassiere. "I have a small back but extra huge boobs," Fiona's pointed out. "Even when I try to hide them, they're so big that they stand out no matter what I wear." Trying to hide her beauties is a sin, anyway. Fiona and her photographer have an inside joke running in these photos. "Milch" is a rarely used word. A "milch cow" or "milcher" is a cow specifically reared for giving milk. There would be no shortage of volunteers happy to lick the moo-muck off Fiona's heavy milkers, even those with a cholesterol problem. .
Featuring: Fiona Steels
Duration: 40
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