SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Faith At Bra Falls
Faith Stevens was a popular lap dancer in the strip club where she shook her tits in front of R.P., a SCORE reader. He contacted us about Faith but she was reluctant to pose for the cameras. This is a surprise because once you've seen her video, Faith Stevens' Fantasy Photo Shoot, it's obvious that she's a natural in front of the lens. "Nerves played a big part in her reluctance as did Faith's inherent insecurities about her breasts," noted a SCORE editor. "They have always been too big," Faith said, not knowing that with guys like us, breasts can never, ever be too big. "I've been self-conscious about my breasts my whole life. But then I met someone (R.P.) who told me that I'd be great for SCORE. That gave me the confidence so here I am." Faith was eventually invited to attend Boob Cruise '95. She accepted but later had to decline. One can only wonder about what could have been with some babes but some things are not always understood.
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