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Hey, at SCORE we don't just give you a few good girls and a bunch of c-cuppers like other mags..we load ya up each month. And, here's another newcomer,the name's Extacy, she's a housedancer/adult entertainer, and this is her SCORE debut! Cute girl, huh? Nice boobs. Great body. Appropriate name. You'd do her, right? Well, right about now thousands of your fellow SCORE-compadres are turning to page 64 of the March '99 SCORE and thinking the same thing. You should join the club. Trust us it's only seven bucks, same price as a movie, only with SCORE you can pop your own corn, drink a beer and the fun lasts a helluva lot longer than two hours! Plus, it's not like you can whip it out and start beating your meat at a movie theater when you see some tit. The March '99 SCORE is quite a value when you think about it! .

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February 17, 2015
Beautiful woman!!
Especially those Big Titties !!

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