Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous October 2004

Voluptuous October 2004

Evzenie's tits started growing when she was 11 years-old and they haven't stopped growing yet. This is her first pictorial in V-Mag as a "Super Plumper" after several sets in XL Girls. Evzenie turned out to be one of the most popular XL girls of 2003, a true sleeper. Several wrote in complaining about the fact that she wasn't on the ballot for the Plumper of the Year Award (a combined XL Girls/Voluptuous award). Several guys who hadn't had their morning coffee even announced they wouldn't vote at all because of that. (Samantha won.) It was inevitable since no category of model generates more controversy and disagreement than the big girls and which size models should go into which magazines. .
Featuring: Evzenie
Duration: 40
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