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Featuring: Estelle Taylor
Date: July 1st, 2013
Photos: 60
Estelle Taylor's combination of delicate, ultra-feminine beauty and her sleek, busty beauty queen body have led several SCORE Men to wax poetic, such as Highscorer, who writes. "It is a wise photographer and editor who takes and uses many full-length body shots when the subject is a woman who's so beautiful from head to toe." "While every part of Estelle is beautiful in itself, it is in beholding the entirety of her that we see the greater beauty. The very existence of Estelle Taylor is a gift to the world and SCORE has gift-wrapped the art of her body and presented her to us all, along with the hope of her repeated returns." Estelle has the lithe and lovely body of a figure skater or a fashion model. She could be a star on the Romanian version of a Top Model-style TV show (if anything like it exists) but she chose to bare it for SCORE. When we asked her back to model for these new photos shot in Prague, she readily agreed. Estelle really loves being photographed and the camera loves her. .

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June 26, 2016
She charmed the venom out of my trouser snake.
December 28, 2015
April 05, 2014
The title of this gallery says it well: Estelle is indeed a charmer. She has cast a spell upon me (and others) with her bewitching beauty. There's just something about Estelle's mixture of ethereal and earthy beauty that gives me impressions of vitality and gentleness, fire and ice, saucy and sweet. It would be interesting to find out how the inner Estelle matches the outer!
August 26, 2013
Easily, one of the most beautiful women EVER featured at
July 01, 2013
supermodel face + porn star figure => Estelle Taylor =>
genetics perfected

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