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"Estelle Taylor's first layout [in New Discovery]; I can't tell you how many times I've looked at that layout," ED writes. Estelle likes to read about the international modeling world and the lives of models. She is a big fan of the TV show Top Model and watches it regularly. Estelle has the slender and shapely body and beautiful face that you see in Miss Universe-style international beauty contests. In her third SCORELAND video, Estelle sensually and erotically explores and shares herself with the scene ending with Estelle in front of a mirror. .
Featuring: Estelle Taylor
Date: May 5th, 2013
Duration: 50

Member Comments

1 year ago 
All the comments so far are right on - Estelle is one of the best models anywhere. Please bring her back many more times
4 years ago 
I can never tire of looking at this gallery. It's not only my favorite Estelle gallery (and I LOVE her first two!), but one of my top favorites on the entire SCORE website. (Sha Rizel's "Top Chef Cleavage" gives her stiff competition ;-)!) What's more, it's one of my favorites on ANY website. The use of the mirror is a piece of inspired genius - each photo gives us double the Estelle! The very high percentage of nudity and full-length photos allows us the view of Estelle's full glory. This third gallery of Estelle's, like the first two, just can't be beat!
5 years ago 
Estelle is a wonderful, amazing, exotically beautiful woman! And this photoset is a great presentation of her. It is a wise photographer & editor who takes and uses many full-length body shots when the subject is a woman who's so beautiful from head to toe. While every part of Estelle is beautiful in itself, it is in beholding the entirety of her that we see the greater beauty. And what a wondrous beauty it is! Estelle's beautiful, delicately-boned Eastern European face with those incredible, long-lashed eyes would seem to be best framed by the straight hairstyle she sports in this third outing of hers (which I say even though I usually prefer wavy or curly). Her facial expressions in this set would do credit to a dignified, royal princess, although we learn in the other sets that she has a great, heart-quickening smile. The sight of those amazing, large eyes, paired with the long, slender, delicately curved legs remind me strongly of a beautiful doe deer. To have such a slender body still exhibit such definite, graceful feminine curves is a wondrous example of nature's art. As if that weren't enough, Estelle's body beautifully embraces a miracle of feminine beauty and plenty in her pair of gorgeously shaped, large breasts. To have such a combination of feminine, slender beauty and a wildly generous, gorgeous bust is rare and exotic and so sexually exciting! Estelle is exceptional in the popularly acclaimed things such as breasts and face, but her beauty extends even to the often ignored details, such as her beautifully arched and instepped feet. The very existence of Estelle Taylor is a gift to the world and Score has gift-wrapped the art of her body and presented her to us all, along with the hope of her repeated returns.
5 years ago 
Estelle is amazing. We need more of this gorgeous creature!
5 years ago 
One of the most beautiful women in Scoreland, or anywhere in modeling. I love
seeing her and get very aroused! More Estelle, please.
5 years ago 
The good folks at Scoreland found perfection and her name is
5 years ago 
Must have more!! Absolutely, Drop Dead
Beautiful!!! Amazing!!
5 years ago 
Great tits, sweat ass, legs that won't quit and a smile that will make any man her slave; without a doubt the greatest discovery of the last 6 months. Keep giving Estelle a reason to come back and again and again!
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