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They come in pairs. The Star sisters, that is. And no sister act has the natural big boobs that Erin Star and her sister Helen have and dare to bare. If there are other siblings that blow up their bras like these two lovely, young girls, we want to know. "When I go out, I like to put on sexy clothes and show everyone how busty I am," said Erin. Since Erin and Helen only speak Romanian, XL Girl Mia Sweetheart translated to English. Erin is a traditionalist by nature. "I like romantic dates, a nice dinner, and maybe dancing. A guy should be a gentleman with me and be a good kisser. I don't care for the playboys.
Featuring: Erin Star
Date: August 5th, 2017
Duration: 50

Member Comments

9 months ago 
STUNNING - BRAVO - Congratulations to CAMERA-CREW for images 43,44,45,46, FULL BODY FRONT, SIDE-left/right, and BACK. I have been asking for this more than a year, DEAR SCORE all models deserve to be captured in full body imaging like these beautiful complete from head to toe images, finally, Dear Score notice how important is to have this kind of shot, notice how the boobs are hanging free alone without anything covering or hands pressing or hiding, now we can see the real shape of her marvelous huge long boobs, Dear Score please tell camera-crew to always include this super important FULL BODY STANDING UP STRAIGHT NO BENDING BODY ARMS DOWN BOOBS HANGING FREE NO HANDS ON THEM, FULLY NUDE.
I really hope other members can recognize the extreme importance of this full body shot because I believe is the best unique way to describe a model's full body, all the info is there, proportions, boob-hip ratio, how long are the boobs, how the areolas are directed or centered according to the breast, we can even see the slight differences between each breast, (symmetry)
10 months ago 
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