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Tough Titties

Featuring Emily Cartwright
Date August 29th, 2009
Photos 35
Emily Cartwright looks like she could kick your butt. However, that's all for play in this photo set. She's really a pussycat deep down..with a devilish glint in her eyes. "I actually like to keep my pussy completely shaved, although I do grow it back sometimes for photo shoots," says Emily. "I love what I do and the amazing people I get to meet. I'm glad to have big, bouncy tits. I can't imagine going through life flat-chested. They've given me a lot of opportunities. Tits make a girl feel more womanly. I love how I look in clothes because of my boobs." Our photographer says Emily is a fun girl with a friendly personality and when the cameras turn on, her sexuality amps up.

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