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Stacked Deck

Deal us in when Ellis Rose is looking for a game to play. She's not just the cocktail server in this club. She's a dealer and a showgirl, too. Lay your cards on the table and Ellis will do the same, with most of her clothing off. She has nothing up her sleeve. When the chips are down, you can make bank on Ellis. Ellis is low-key about her boobs and sexy body. She doesn't dress like a sexbomb when she goes out but she usually attracts a lot of attention anyway. "Sometimes it's too much attention, " Ellis said. There's no hiding her busty, curvy figure.
Featuring: Ellis Rose
Date: April 26th, 2018
Duration: 75

Member Comments

3 weeks ago 
Wow.... picture perfect buxom beauty !! . Just look at that lovely face, sultry smile, juicy tits and perfect belly on her !!
Amazing !!. With the way she is undressed and seated across the poker table, no man worth his name would do anything else other than lose money and try going to bed with her...

I did it is because I like to try new activities,� Ellis said. �I will see where this may take me.� Is there a clue there ? Her next new activity should be to go all the way and enjoy getting fucked by your fine army of Euro Studs...

Elliot and team, please coerce Ellis to go the extra mile and make us happy !!

Wow !!!!
3 weeks ago 
Hurray! A Score model who kept a trimmed pussy. Too many bald ones here!
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