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Voluptuous Holiday 2004

The scoop about the amazing Eden. How old were you when your breasts began to grow very big? "I was14." Did your schoolmates treat you any differently because you had large breasts? "Ohh, yes, I was a sex target." What is the most sensitive part of your boobs? "My nipples." Do men ask you questions about your boobs? What do they ask you? "If I like them and if I play with them." What makes your nipples hard? "Licking them." Do you like to walk into a room and command attention? "Very much so." What are some of your favorite hobbies and recreations? "I like to read, go to the beach and watch movies on TV." What do you study in university? "I don't study at the moment." What career do you want to have in the future? "Genetic researcher.".
Featuring: Eden Mor
Duration: 35
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