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A Dulcinea Sandwich

Dulcinea has her hands full with two cocks in her first three-way. Before their party begins, Dulcinea tells us her husband is with her and will be watching this shoot. You see, they're swingers and sex is a huge part of their lives. This very liberal husband is a lucky guy to have a hot, big-boobed wifey. SCORELAND: Do you have threesomes with two males in your personal life? Dulcinea: I've actually never had a threesome with two guys before! This was my first one. But I want to have a lot more now. SCORELAND: What's a hotter threesome for you? Two guys or a guy and a girl? Dulcinea: What about two girls? Because I'm pansexual, I prefer being with a guy and a girl. I love eating pussy while getting fucked! SCORELAND: When you weren't shooting the video and the stills, or with the stylist, what was going on? Dulcinea: I like to chat with the photographers a lot about lighting, camera angles, and shooting video so I was really into the technical aspect of things. When we first got started I introduced the guys to my husband who was on set and we all talked about me being a swinger and an exhibitionist, too. SCORELAND: Do you find that your sexual appetite has increased since you became a porn star? Dulcinea: Absolutely! I feel so empowered and like I know how to handle myself. It's not hard to meet people in the swinger community now that I can carry magazines around with my tits in them. SCORELAND: Do you like to talk dirty during sex? Dulcinea: Yes! I like to call the guy I'm fucking "Daddy" and say really dirty things like, "I love the way her pussy tastes on your cock!" SCORELAND: That works for us! We'll be seeing you. .
Featuring: Dulcinea, Jimmy Dix, and Peter Green
Date: April 19th, 2017
Duration: 60

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1 year ago 
If I were your husband, I'd want to watch you with other guys too. I'd like to watch you with one in front and another in back.
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