SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Falling Like Dominnos
Out of all the girls playing hooky this edition, Dominno looks the most like a party-going hottie at a Pimps and Players ball. The neon fishnets, the silver platforms and the pink boa add an especially sleazy touch. It looks like the boys are lined up to meet and greet her. Sex culture is a little different in Europe than the USA. In Europe, if a girl wants to be a stacked street slut, it's her life. The officials there don't rail against them in public and frequent them in private. As beautiful as any fashion model, maybe even better looking, Dominno is prettier than most of actresses you'd see on TV. She's a fully qualified sword-swallower, the bigger the cock the better. When guys fuck Dominno, her body, boobs and face intoxicate them. She's a sex magnet.
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