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What You See Is What You Fuck.

Featuring Dominno
Date July 27th, 2008
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Let's face it..there are girls you date, girls you marry and girls you fuck. Dominno is one of those girls you much as you can. She's one of those beautiful babes that you hook up with for a booty call at any location of your choice. She wants no committment, no relationship, no sharing of common interests. She just wants to suck and fuck you, slobber all over your dick, then take a shower and split. Dominno's tats and piercings, and the way she looks at you, the light in her eyes, spell "nympho" in big neon letters. When you first saw Dominno's debut game room video and pictorial, you knew she was a cock worshipper. In this Hardcore Special starring Dominno, you are The Man, so let Dominno ride the rod and enjoy the booty call. Opinions differ but Czech chicks seem to live on the wild side more than any other nationality. See the 30 minute Dominno video in SCORE Theater and let her get you off.

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