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"I knew about SCORE magazine because I had a boyfriend who used to read it," says Dolly. "What sexually satisfies me the most is when the guy is really into me. He can be not so good in bed, and I'll still love it if I feel that he's really digging me. Cock size is somewhat important to me but my vagina is very accommodating. Big or small, if I really like the guy, I'll figure it out. As far as the kinky stuff goes, there's nothing I won't try. I like role playing and I'll take orders as long as it's in the bedroom only and if I know he's not seriously that kind of bossy, selfish guy. If I go without regular sex, I like to masturbate in my bed before I go to sleep. I have a lot of toys that I bought myself for that." .
Featuring: Dolly
Duration: 47
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