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Picture 22 year-old Dolly shaking her jiggling tits in your face. Then picture her spreading her beautiful ass cheeks within a foot of your nose. Then visualize Dolly opening up her pussy lips and sliding her chick-stick in deep. Hey, you've just imagined what our lucky bastard photographer experiences. And just one day of it. Dolly's said that she thinks a man is sexy if "he can hold an intelligent conversation." But when she strips down like this, all reasoning power and conversational skills fly out the window for the rest of the day. Bras "I fall out of my tops all the time, especially during aerobics class. Sometimes when I'm just walking in the mall or when I bend over. I've also had bras snap at the shoulder before in public." Sex "My sex drive is pretty average. I guess I go through spurts.
Featuring: Dolly
Duration: 39
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