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Score April 2004

Looks like that bra that Dolly's wearing is slightly undersized. But it comes off quick enough. Favorite bras: "Any brand that will fit." Do you get fitted when you buy new bras or do you get them off the rack? "Very rarely off the shelf. If I do, I have to sew the back and make it smaller." Favorite style of bras: "Push-ups" What color bras do you like? "Red and black" Favorite style of clothes: "Jeans, dress pants, high-heeled shoes and always tight shirts, but never slutty." Hometown: "Springfield, Connecticut" Occupation: "Real estate agent" Recreation: "Traveling, photography and reading" Favorite color: "Blue" Favorite travel spot: "Costa Rica" Favorite book or writer: "Danielle Steel" Favorite drink:"Vodka and Club Soda (has zero carbs)" Favorite nightclub: "I don't care for nightclubs but I like strip clubs. The Blue Parrot Cafe in Southington, Connecticut is my favorite." Favorite television shows: "The Cosby Show and Three's Company." Favorite movie:"The Wizard Of Oz" Favorite actor: "Denzel Washington" Favorite actress: "Judy Garland" Favorite perfume: "Love Spell by Victoria's Secret.".
Featuring: Dolly
Duration: 39

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So fucking hot.
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