Dixie's Darling
"Well, I was at a bar," said Dixie, telling a Voluptuous editor how she found her way to our studio. "This woman was sitting next to me, and she turned to me and asked, 'Oh my God, are those fucking things real?' I said to her 'Yes, they are.' She was gawking at me. She said to me, 'Have you ever heard of Voluptuous magazine?' And I said 'Yeah, I've seen it.' She asked, 'Have you ever modeled for a magazine like that before?' I said I hadn't. I mean, she was really up-front about it. And she was still gawking at my tits, and I said, 'Go ahead and feel them. Go ahead.' So she did! When she was done, she said 'You should give Voluptuous a call.' So I went online and found you." Read more of Dixie's interview!
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