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President Of The Real Busty Housewives Of Texas

Featuring: Diane Poppos
Date: September 8th, 2012
Photos: 70
These pictures prove yet again why America's first busty MILF housewife retains a huge fan base despite almost ten years away from the camera. This is true sweater destruction with her now extra-huge tits and Diane has lost none of the magic. She still has that leggy magic too which she attributes to wearing high heels, sometimes when she's vacuuming the house! Diane doesn't jog, she doesn't do jumping jacks but she does swim, power walk and try to play golf. And being from Texas, of course she has tried those mechanical bucking bull rides but doesn't stay in the saddle long! Seeing Diane demonstrate her golf swing in her most recent video interview was one of the highlights of the year. But she has bungee-jumped and tried skydiving! No doubt her chest was well-trussed up doing those daredevil sports. When the urge to model again hit Diane, she decided to suddenly make the phone call. That knocked everyone at SCORE for a loop. Back home in Texas, Diane likes to lounge by her pool. Topless a lot, of course. She lives by a golf course and when she is out sunning, golf balls tend to mysteriously land in her back yard.

What Members are saying about this update...

June 11, 2016
Well Diane looks fucking great here! I love how her massive tits stretch that top!!
Any more of Diane please?
January 20, 2016
It's been too long. Will Diane be coming back anytime soon?
February 05, 2014
Love you diana...
August 02, 2013
Happy birthday, Diane!
October 05, 2012
would like to see them boobs in a white silky bra any help guys
September 12, 2012
It realy dosn't seem like 10 years that Diane has been modeling. Now that she has returned to her loyal fans looking even sexyer, if by some miracle I get to meet her she will see a grown man drop to his kneesto surender to her. I hope she takes full advantage of me and has her way with me. Wow, a wet dream cumming true.
September 12, 2012
Damn, I LOVE this woman! What an amazing body!
September 12, 2012
God she looks more luscious all the time!!!!!!!!!!! Instant hard-on when I sw
September 09, 2012
So great to see Diane in her current state! She is still as hot as ever!!!
September 09, 2012
Happy days are here, another fantastic Diane pictorial. Her legions of fans in the brotherhood (me) are exctatic! She is beyond beautiful and super super sexy...timeless, ageless, curvalicious, drop dead hottie, fox extraordinaire, cock swellingly amazing. So hot and so in need of a new and updated solo DVD. I am so happy there are more pictorials being posted; she is just the utmost. This set is off the hook with over 30 images devoted to clothed and beautiful poses that send me into ruin right quick. I love this lady and she is in a league of her own.

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