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March 2005 Score

Diana turned 18 on June 10, 2004. She's 5'3", weighs 121 pounds and measures 38-24-36. Our man in Denmark, who usually finds more Naughty Girls than bustees in his country, discovered her and immediately contacted us. The editors advised him to get her naked and oiled as soon as possible. Diana's modeling for SCORE because she just wanted to try it, although she passed on doing any video posing. She's a student who likes fantasy movies and books (Clan of the Cave Bear, The 13th Warrior, Lord of the Rings, stuff like that). Diana says that guys ask her questions about her boobs about "30 seconds after they meet her." That's about 20 seconds longer than most SCORE guys would take. They ask Diana, "are they real?" "how big are they?" and the ever popular "when can I see them?" Diana says that "guys tend to focus too much on my breasts." We find that a little hard to swallow. .
Featuring: Diana
Duration: 40
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