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Date April 2nd, 2008
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"At the beginning of my adolescence I felt I was physically different from my friends," Diana says. "My breasts grew faster than theirs. They looked really good and grew larger and larger. They would not stop growing! Bras would not suit me and my breasts used to overflow. For years it would be difficult to buy bras, blouses, sweaters, as they would be just too tight or not even close up. I was a unique case at college! My classmates and male teachers always stared at my breasts and that often made me feel self-conscious. I graduated in 2004." Diana contacted us after learning about us from a dedicated breast-man and we made arrangements to meet her during one of our road trips to South America. Diana measures a whopping�and we mean whopping!�48-40-46. She weighs180 pounds and stand 5'3". A lot of woman to love! Her hobbies are designing and making clothes, dancing and reading.

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January 19, 2010
Diana is easily the hottest woman on this site. Any chance of getting more of her?

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