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Voluptuous Magazine Holiday 2006

Featuring Devyn Devine
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V-Mag: You know what I was just thinking, Devyn? You wear a 36 triple-D bra. That's 36 plus seven inches, which is 43 inches, which is only 16 inches less that your height! Devyn: You can suffocate in my cleavage. Did I tell you that I was a dancer? I was a dancer for six years, and I would take tips with my boobs. Guys would put dollars down on tip row, and I would take them and put them in their mouth, and I'd push my tits together around their faces to take the tip, and I tell ya, I almost killed a lot of men. I'd forget that they were in there. I'd take the dollar and the song would be playing, and I'd forget a guy was in there, and I'd be like, "Oh, crap, I'd better let him out.".

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