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SCORE May 1993

Featuring Devon Daniels
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When Devon Daniels was first photographed in July 1988, she was hailed as the best discovery since the legendary Roberta Pedon. In actual fact, if you go back and review pictures of Roberta, there's really no comparison. At 49 -24-34, Devon is by far the larger of these two superstars. Now, five years after her discovery, the comparisons begin anew between Devon and Chloe Vevrier, the latest addition to this elite sorority of naturally-endowed wonder women. Who's the better of the two? The choice is yours. Devon, 5'1" tall and 100 pounds, was a student and secretary for an accounting firm on Florida's east coast when she posed for these pictures on Great Exuma Cay in the Bahamas. First brought to editor John Fox's attention by her boyfriend, Devon took to modeling immediately and loved her brief time in front of the camera. On this first photo trip, editor John Fox and photographer John Lee-Graham spent a glorious week with Devon and Lisa Phillips in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. Along with these still photos, they taped two videos, "Big Busty#29 " (starring Devon) and "Big Busty#31" (starring Devon and Lisa). Both have been best sellers ever since, a tribute to the incredible appeal of one of the greatest models of all-time.

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