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Destiny Waits

Someone who has no fear of hooter self-suffocation is Destiny Rose, a creamy, bosomy young redhead from Ohio who has quite a few members and readers crushing on her since her debut in Voluptuous. "I sleep naked in bed without a bra," says Destiny, unlike Cassidi Jai in this edition who snoozes in her brassiere to prevent her 34HHH flesh cannons from smothering her. Destiny likes the great outdoors. Her perfect day is "Going hiking in the country with a picnic then laying under the stars by a campfire. I once had a threesome in the woods in the middle of winter." The only problem with that is no soft, bouncy beds and no lingerie to slowly unwrap. And no heat except Destiny's natural heat. While Destiny says that she likes to chase chubby men and jump on their cocks, she also likes girls a whole lot too. We learned that first hand when she hooked up with the amazingly sexy Kaytee Carter in September '10 V-Mag. Destiny probably won't forget that nipple nuzzler for a long time.
Featuring: Destiny Rose
Date: October 14th, 2010
Duration: 79

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Good question Steve! I live in Michigan but i'd gladly travel
to Ohio to see this Gorgeous girl up close.
7 years ago 
What club does destiny work at in Ohio?
7 years ago 
I have been looking forward to this set ever since I received my print copy of the December Voluptuous in the mail. Destiny has become one of my favorite models and this set is finger licking good.
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