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Voluptuous May 2006

This email from a Desirae fan is certainly heartfelt. "I know you are complimented about your titties so frequently, so I will do the same. First however, I would love to express how much I love my favorite part of a woman - her ass - and in this case, yours. It's so nice to see a big-tittied beauty like yourself with a meaty ass to grab, kiss, lick, smell, sniff and rub your face and dick on. If I had your ass in front of me, I would lick your asshole, going all around it, getting it all wet from my slobber. Then I would spread open your wonderful asscheeks and suck on your hole and blow in it. I have found that either women hate to have their ass licked or they love it, like this one girl who would cum after I would stick my tongue in there only after a few seconds, and would tell me to stop after she came multiple times from me licking her asshole. I would also love to squeeze your buttcheeks as I ate your ass." .
Featuring: Desirae
Duration: 40
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