Big Boob Photos » April 2002 Voluptuous Xtra #3

April 2002 Voluptuous Xtra #3

We prize boob size and shape overall, but Desirae also has the facial X-factor that makes her very special. The director of V-Xtra #3, Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, who also photographed her for Stacked & Packed #2, says that Desirae has one of the most genuinely expressive faces he's seen in the SCORE studio. "Whether she is alone masturbating or with a man's cock, Desirae's face, which is so beautiful, shows her genuine inner passion. When she is in front of the camera, she changes into a panther. Her expressions have this pleading, needy, begging, yearning-for-sex look. This is a special kind of eroticism that the camera can pick up - it doesn't always with other girls. I have watched many adult videos from a large assortment of companies and many of the girls look like robots, like sex is a chore to finish off and then get paid. Desirae is a unique girl, demure yet not shy. Sexy but never in a slutty way, always wholesome. I call her the girl with the hungry eyes.
Featuring: Desirae
Duration: 90
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