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January 2002 Voluptuous

The face and the boobs that launch a thousand tips is back in a unique perspective called "Mirror Mirror." The glass that's been every girl's best friend for the last few thousand years or so becomes part of the shoot, not just a piece of furniture, resulting in two Desiraes. Just like one of those British art movies. V-MAG: Desirae, You were a virgin all through high school? DESIRAE: Yes. I didn't give head either. V-MAG: Having large breasts in high school, did boys just assume that you would give them blowjobs? DESIRAE: I think the first thing they thought about when they were looking at me was how they were going to try to lay me, and get me to suck their cocks. V-MAG: So you started developing when? DESIRAE: Seventh grade. I went from a flat chest to a C in like 10 months. V-MAG: How did you deal with that? DESIRAE: At first I didn't care because I didn't really realize that my boobs were growing. I mean I knew they were growing and I knew I needed a bra, but I didn't realize just how big I was getting. In 8th grade, I realized I was very busty because everyone was staring at me.
Featuring: Desirae
Duration: 35
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