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Score October 2004

Denise Derringer has a powerful breast fetish. Not only did she supersize her boobs, she pierced both nipples to enhance her sexual pleasure. Those miniature barbells seem to be the most popular with both the gals and the guys who love pierced nips. "It only hurt for a few seconds," Denise said. "And then it was over. So it's very fast as long as the person who does the operation is experienced and knows what they're doing. You have to check and see if your body could be allergic to the metal they make the piercings out of. My nipples were sore for a while so they recommend you use a cool gel pack to soothe them. I was nervous and apprehensive before I did it but that's normal. Of course, I have to be more careful about my boobs than I used to be.
Featuring: Denise Derringer
Duration: 45
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