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Yee Haw! Ride it, cowgirl! We get down home to the roots with Denise Derringer, a girl with more fans than a hardware store. Denise is here to audition for a contract in the music business. Denise is truly a charming country-western piece of ass and dresses the part for this meeting. Unlike the properly managed adult industry, the recording industry is rife with sleaze who make it a priority to try to fuck the talent. Some succeed, some fail. In Denise's audition from the DVD Tits-A-Poppin', the Texan titty twirler arrives to strut her stuff for a special position. She'll in fact be assigned several positions before this pictorial winds down. What Denise, and the rest of the busty cast of hopefuls, doesn't know is that the nefarious CEO of the record company has given his employees a chemical that can make his horny employees open a girl's blouse with their eyes. Look, if Superman can see through a chick's shirt with his X-ray vision, these guys can pop a girl's top. When Denise arrives, their top-poppin' power starts a chain reaction of events that ends with Denise getting a stiff boner thrust in and out of her tushy.
Date: October 31st, 2008
Duration: 75

Member Comments

3 years ago 
What a Goddess!! She's has an amazing body, Wow!!
7 years ago 
A goddess, the best, amazing body and sexy ... where is she now?
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