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September 2003 Voluptuous

The SCORE Building in Miami needed a new receptionist. We were just about to put an ad in the Miami Herald when Denise, a Nottingham, England local, arrived in South Florida and decided to visit our headquarters. At customs, Denise was asked, "Anything to declare?" "I think my tits are still growing," she answered. "Then stay as long as you want in the United States," the customs man told her. When Denise entered the SCORE Group building, she was hired on the spot and given her duties, which included wearing tight mini-skirts, tight blouses and cleavage-busting brassieres, as required by Florida state law. "What are my main job duties?" Miss Davies inquired. "Just bend over the water cooler a lot," replied our Human Resources director. Unfortunately, Murphy's Law crept in. The mail man was caught jerking off in the men's room, as were two plumbers and the air conditioning guy. The lunch delivery man, not the sharpest tool in the shed, had an episode of extremely premature ejaculation when he dropped the food off and saw Denise.
Featuring: Denise Davies
Duration: 29
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