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April 2003 Voluptuous (xxx From V-xtra #

"I was a DD, in the equivalent of what you call high school in the United States. I played basketball and tennis. I haven't played sports since then. It gets difficult running around with these." Chaz once said that boys used to come up to her in school and grab her tits, then run away. "The same thing happened to me in school," Denise says. "But not a lot." Is there boob prejudice in the United Kingdom? "I think there can be, especially in the fashion world. If you've got boobs and hips, you'll never get a modeling job in the fashion business. Certain styles of dresses and tops are just not designed for large-breasted women. Skinny girls get everything." This lucky bloke gets his shaft throated, sucks on DD's pancake-sized areolae and sinks a hole in one before uncorking a load on her swinging clappers in Denise's first hard XXX'er, lensed in London, true home of the supersized whoppers. What is the worst thing a guy can say to Denise? "Anything rude or too direct before getting to know me." What is the best thing a guy can say to Denise? "Anything rude once they have gotten to know me.".
Featuring: Denise Davies
Duration: 30
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