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Holiday 2002 Voluptuous

Slippery nipples? Have a couple. Denise oils up in London and the goo really makes her huge bristols look even more outstanding than ever. Words from a V-Man: "Former Housewife of the Month Denise Davies is one of my favorite Voluptuous models, and I regret that she was slighted as a candidate for Model of the Year last year. Although some supernaturals have an established and growing following of fans, the number of Denise's followers is always growing. Denise is now offering V-Men something that other models have yet to offer: XXX hardcore. I would like to see Denise fucking and milking."­A.M. And editor Dave's reply: We're gonna tease you. Denise recently made her hardcore boy-girl debut, and we have the photos! Look for them in an upcoming issue. Another D.D. supporter frequently writes in about Denise (he must spend about $25 a month mailing us the same letters over and over again) and he specificially wants her boobs weighed twice, once when they are full of milk and again "after they have been sucked dry." Unfortunately, the staff just doesn't have the time to suck Denise's tits dry nor do we think she would appreciate it.
Featuring: Denise Davies
Duration: 29
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