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British Boob Royalty

Denise, as you tit-aficionados know, is the lucky owner of a pair of Britain's biggest all-natural breasts and widest areolae. She maintains a website at Here are some of Denise's most memorable quotes: "My areolae are five inches. Somebody once measured them for me. An amateur photographer did it. And they weigh 10 pounds each." "How I like shagging is the bloke's in me from behind, and he's got my hair in bunches and holding the bunches like they're horse reins. And he starts pulling them. I'm on all fours and he's holding onto my hair and riding me, basically." "I definitely prefer a real cock, but if one's not available, I can make do with a dildo. I can get on all fours, put a dildo in my pussy and clench my pussy muscles so they'll just hold it there for, like, two minutes. I have very strong pussy muscles." "Remember how you said before that my breasts look bigger in person than they do in pictures? Well, they always look bigger when my clothes are off than when I'm dressed, so even if a bloke sees me dressed in a club, and he can see that I have gigantic breasts, his mouth always drops open when we go back to his place and he sees them for real.".
Featuring: Denise Davies
Date: May 5th, 2008
Duration: 40

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7 years ago 
such a hot sensual woman, denise is just stunning.
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