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Dripping Wet Hooters

Like Joana Bliss, Maya Milano, Juliana Simms, Anastasia Lux and Micky Bells, Demmy Blaze is built like a strapping brick house, a traffic stopper of the highest order. When she talks about wearing tight tops in public, her face just lights up. She's busty and proud of it. No one will ever see her wearing a mu-mu. "I have a small waist and big boobs and I think it is good!" Demmy said she likes being a photo model and enjoys the experience. It's very different than web-camming live in front of surfers drifting in and out. When she's on-cam, her cam-page profile will appear in the Live Cams section. Her cam-page is linked to SCORELAND in her model profile. When Demmy goes out with her girls, and her girlfriends, to a night club in Odessa, people think she's famous. And she is, to us anyway.
Featuring: Demmy Blaze
Date: August 20th, 2016
Duration: 50

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Stunning busty girl. Message to camera-crew please we need always more shots like pics #01,02,16,23. Specially like pic 01 where she is standing straight she is not bending her body, her arms/hands are not covering, pressing or hiding her boobs. That kind of image full nude or semi nude like pic 16 is just beautiful please capture at least 3 full nude complete full body shots depicting her FRONT, SIDE and BACK no hands on boobs please, just the breast hanging free low, and her body not bending just standing straight just like in pic 01, imagine if in that moment when pic 01 was taken cameraman told her to rotate to show the side and back, and even more beautiful imagine cameraman does that when she is full nude with the huge breast hanging free low and heavy no hands on them can you imagine those 3 IMAGES WOULD BE THE ONES THAT WE ARE ASKING ALL THE TIME. Once those images are done, then cameraman can do as usual tons of other angle shots but the most beautiful and most important ones could be done already that way. PLEASE WE REALLY NEED THOSE 3 IMAGES ALWAYS INCLUDED ON EVERY PHOTO AND VIDEO SESSION... we need to see the whole body not just cropped body sections...or worst just tons of close up shots.
1 year ago 
What a beautiful girl!
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