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Ex-Marine and now cam-girl Demi38DD popped into our Las Vegas jack shack for a quickie. While posing, she answered a quickie quiz. What is the most unusual sex position you've ever tried? Demi: It's not really unusual. Sitting on his cock with my back to him. Where was the most unusual place you had sex? Demi: In a Marine Corps chow hall when no one was around. What position is best for you when you titty-fuck? Demi: Laying on my back and pushing my boobs together while he slides back and forth. You do solo cam shows but when you're having sex, which humping position do you use most often? Demi: I usually like doggie-style best of all so I can rock backwards and forwards on my hands and knees. What was the strangest request an iFriends chatterer ever asked you to do? Demi: I don't want to say. It was too perverted. What kind of lube and dildos do you use for your cam shows? Demi: KY Jelly and 9 inch dick vibrators. I use one in my ass also. .
Featuring: Demi
Duration: 35
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