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Busty Latina Heat

Featuring Daylene Rio
Date August 21st, 2013
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Daylene Rio, an ultra-horny mamacita who could light your cigar just by touching the tip, is hot for more sex as always. One of the great fuck stars of SCORE, Daylene's rounded ass is also hotter than ever. The brunette boom-boom babe's put on some weight in all the right places including her bum-bum. Check out the SCORELAND Blog. (Search Daylene Rio.) She talks about this extra boobage and buttage in a Blog video. Daylene is paired with Big Pike in this set called "Busty Latina Heat." A woman like Daylene deserves a thick pipe fucking her pussy and mouth and Pike has fucked some SCORE hotties before such as Denise Derringer and Alexis Silver but never got to lay the wood to Daylene, a Mamazon who can fuck until her partner's precious bodily fluids are tapped out. This is the ultimate fate for Pike when he fills Daylene's mouth and pussy-hole and gives her peaks-of-plenty a prick-poking. .

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