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Dawn Goes Camping

This is the fourth appearance in SCORE for Dawn, who does it everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, in public, by the lake, on a busy street, or, in the case of this pictorial, on the banks of the Hudson River in upstate New York. Does what? Flashes! "I really enjoy getting outside where I can wear less clothes and show off more. I always get lots of comments when I walk down the street in a tight top." We'll bet you do. Dawn's desire to expose herself in public got her into trouble, when she and a girlfriend decided to flash their jugs in front of a police station in Edmonton. The pictures got around on the web, courtesy of some infringer, and before long, local newspaper, television, and radio stations got in on it. Unfortunately, her boss of five years found out, and Dawn was fired from her job as an architectural technician. "I had plans to leave, but I didn't feel it was right to leave because of what I do on my site and in my spare time," Dawn says. We say it's a sin that Dawn can't show off her boobs in public. Then again, if women were walking around with their tits hanging out all the time, you wouldn't need SCORE magazine, SCORE videos.
Featuring: Dawn of Canada
Duration: 25
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