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June 2001 Score

Just call her skipper. The denim cutoffs, those sneakers, that crisp white shirt. Oh, yeah, and the Captain's cap. Dawn Stone is a sailor's wet dream in this spread taken on the bridge of The Legacy, our Boob Cruise 2K vessel. The real Captain, whose picture is in one of these shots, told us he was a bachelor, and had never even seen women like Dawn before, either live or in magazines. (Nor had he ever seen SCORE Magazine before.) Well, now the Captain's seen everything, especially Dawn's Gumby-like 'ankles over her head, boobs between her legs, jutting butt cheeks, pussy and winkie' pose. The position we love so dearly, and the pose she does yet again in this set. The one that made the Captain reach for his fire hose. Is it really over a year since the Cruise? Dawn, how many nude Polaroids has the Captain mailed you since then? We're kidding, Dawn. But if the Captain gets his mitts on this June issue, we're sure those fond memories will flood back.
Featuring: Dawn Stone
Duration: 25
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